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Feature Requests / Visual note history
Visual note history
Votes: Nigel, Marty, Len, K, Tonda, Saad, Stefan, Kay, Ellane, Esther, Amy, Jack, Daniel, Jacob, Anthony
Currently history shows the changes sequentially - which is useful.

We need to be able to visualize the whole document and see what was original (black on white - or whatever the default color scheme in use might be) and then what has changed.

Ideally changed sections would be highlighted with a color associated with an author (halo their avatar in the color used).

At worst you could see what was added, removed or changed by mousing over that area - when it would highlight the history entry in the right-hand nav).

A check-boxes for 'Review' which has 'Additions, deletions and moves' would allow the reviewer to quickly zone in on the change they wanted to clarify.

You really need the ability to associate comments with changes also - to explain why the change was made.

This is supposed to be about document collaboration - so you need to easily see who did what and why to any given document. Right now that information is scattered among comments, history and not easily reviewable.