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Feature Requests / Video player: Play time stamped YouTube links
Video player: Play time stamped YouTube links launched
Votes: Eddie, Alex, Brian
Like you know how to time stamp a YouTube video into a shareable link?

For example this link from YouTube is timestamped and loads at a specific time so to skip a bunch of fluff:

Just random example this video starts at 12-minute mark:

This link starts the video at 31:34 sec mark:

And so forth is there anyway to get these links to load in Notejoy at specific timestamped times?

Ok no biggie but would be cool!~
Actually that works today! When you use the video embed style and paste the embed url, just make sure you add ?start=80 (for 80 seconds and so on). Make sure you are pasting the YouTube embed url that YouTube gives you in the share dialog. Not the regular URL you see on the YouTube site.
Sachin, 5 years ago admin