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Feature Requests / Video / audio calling
Video / audio calling
Votes: Charlene, Lou, Louis, Louis, David, Dennis, Silvia, K, Muhammad, Sajith, David, Holger , Florian, Kak, Mike, Paphunkkorn, Thomas, Rolando, Shane, Saad, Don, Silvia, Ed, Justin, Louis, Nish, Mya, Len
Hold group video meetings, conference calls, and video chats with colleagues for brainstorming sessions or clarification on subject matter, etc. Similar to Slack.
I agree.. Notejoy team please take a look at, it is a similar tool as notojoy but it is free.. and it has some cool feature that you don't. Including phone and video call.
Kak, 11 months ago
Should be able to add this quite easily with SimpleWebRTC:
Thomas, 11 months ago
And is only free until they run out of funding money, then they will charge to team collaboration and file attachements.
Thomas, 11 months ago