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Feature Requests / TV & cinema scripts formatting
TV & cinema scripts formatting
Votes: Matteo, Anthony, Ereika, Palawin, Daniel
I use to write megabytes of scripts for cinema and tv, and I'd love to start using notejoy to directly share my scenes into the note not as an attachment, but as it is, formatted as a real script. Just to start...

'Cause I dream of one day when it will be possible to directly format and write the script entirely in Notejoy - formatting scenes, action, characters and dialogues straight from a fresh new dedicated toolbar. I bet this would attract millions of new customers to Notejoy.
As a semi-pro Screenwriter, I actually find this request somewhat confusing. On the one hand, it seems you're asking that Notejoy should support inline viewing of scripts - I'm assuming from document formats like PDFs, Final Draft (.fdx), and Fountain. I would support this feature, however it also seems like you want to *write* scripts in NoteJoy. If Notejoy fully supported viewing modes for Fountain (which should be able to be added rather easily, as Fountain is basically just a simple Markdown syntax) then I agree that would also be a nice feature. However, you would still lack things like auto Character Names, Locations, etc. I would never expect Notejoy to support these, as it isn't designed to be a full word processor. Also, even without full support, there is nothing stopping us from writing scripts in the Fountain syntax right in Notejoy right now. You don't have a full formatting toolbar like you're requesting, but I feel that is a tall order for this type of application. There are many other much better tools for this.
Daniel, 4 months ago