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Feature Requests / Translate interface to additional languages
Translate interface to additional languages
Votes: Dennis, Karl, Jerome, Dennis, Мебели Вега, Gyarmati, Jan, Alain, Josef, Brian, Saad, Sergio, Norbert, Tonda, Rene, Marc, Werner, Chris, K, Kidhub, Amy, Chenran, Roberto, Дмитрий
It would be great if Notejoy's marketing site & apps supported additional languages.
Any news about the ability to translate the interface?
Dennis, 1 year ago
I can help translate Notejoy in Vietnamese. My team potential goes big, most of them may not speak English and Vietnamese language will be big help to have more Notejoy account
Kidhub, 1 year ago
Spanish, please!!!
Sergio, 2 years ago
I can help with Dutch
Norbert, 2 years ago
I can help with Bulgarian
Мебели Вега, 2 years ago
I would love to help to translate Notejoy into german
Dennis, 2 years ago
I'm Hungarian. My team is also Hungarian.
I would translate the interface into Hungarian.
Gyarmati, 2 years ago
If you're willing to help translate Notejoy into your native language, please leave a comment here with the language you can help with!
Sachin, 2 years ago admin