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Feature Requests / Trackback to Trello/Slack
Trackback to Trello/Slack
Votes: Michael, Benjamin, David, Mark
E.g., Information in a note that shows if it's linked to a Trello card. Would be ideal to have link to card but at the least to know that card is linked from Trello or posted to Slack.
+1 oh yes. please.
if using the Trello integration and add the note to a card, would be great to have the card url referenced in the note.

only caveat, I wouldn't necessarily want the notes modification date to change and thereby shifting the notes sorting location.
ie. the note is changing, its just being added.
So simply inserting the Trello card url isn't ideal as that would change modification date.
Maybe a separate field or something.

But definitely would be useful to know what notes are linked to cards.
David, 2 years ago