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Tasks with kanban view
Votes: Muhammad Zain, Anjrah, Bruno, Justin, Joshua, K, End Alzheimer's, Rene, Zac, Marc, Don, Chris, Muhamad, test, Jarosław, Benjamin, Mya, Matt, Jan K., Flat, Ahmed, Miranda, Jack, Simo, Markus, Nalini, Rich
Tasks are and essential part of planning and execution of any Project and KANBAN view is the best option to view and manage tasks.
I totally agree. I like how the Monday PM application uses kanban style left to right verification and completion. I just need a light version to start a note/concept, assign decision maker and verify each highlight
Flat, 1 year ago
I use the Trello for Kanban and the Notejoy PowerUp plugin for including notes and it works like a charm.
Chris, 2 years ago
nice idea
Anjrah, 2 years ago