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Feature Requests / Tasks: Consolidated view in sidebar
Tasks: Consolidated view in sidebar
Votes: Eric, Casey, Rich, Eric, Au, Ilias, Mike, Tony, Stowe, Phil, ed, Simon, Paul, Avy, Julia, Daniel, Wes, Jill
Along with the other main headings on the left sidebar (Starred, Recent, Library) it would be awesome if there was a Tasks view to see all the Tasks (i.e.: check list items from within Notes).

Clicking on a Task would open the Note it is in, and checking it off in the view would check it off in the Note.

With a filter to show only incomplete Tasks.
This is exactly why I prefer Evernote for collaboration to NoteJoy. There is no way to assign tasks or consolidate team/project tasks into one list in the left bar. I would like the functionality to sort tasks by tag or notebook so I could view individual notebook/project tasks or tasks across all notebooks/projects
Jill, 5 days ago
Agreed. The "Todo" view from UpNote is exactly what is needed in my opinion. When you click the "Tasks" view being proposed, the Notes list would include any note from any notebook that has an incomplete Task somewhere in the Note. Very useful to see what all is left to do among projects
Wes, 1 month ago