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Feature Requests / Tasks: Set due dates & send reminders
Tasks: Set due dates & send reminders
Votes: Aisha, Taba, Adam, Mark, Stuart, David, Muhammad, Kevin, Joerg, Rupert, Madhumita, K, Luis, Matthew, Trilok, Bernhard, Jan, Sajith, David, Joco, Harry, Rishi, Eak, Robin, Jerry, Nalini, Shane, Jon, Daniel, Mike, Remy, Melissa, Torger, Paresh, Moe, Kay, Paphunkkorn, Muhamad, rich, Phill, AJ, Brian, Saad, Stefan, Zaheer, Tyler, Don, End Alzheimer's, Kimberley, Ereika ...
Allow setting a due date to a task and send automatic email follow-ups to assignee when past due.
Honestly, I strongly feel this should not be part of Notejoy. The app is for note-taking, and there are other apps for task management.
Hamman, 3 months ago
If nothing else, allow a checklist item to have a date associated with it @today / @2020-10-01 etc and view / search option to find anything not ticked and is overdue/due today/in the future
Phil, 5 months ago
Yes when this will be released?
RC, 10 months ago
Gosh, this is such an important feature, I see the request was first made a year ago. I hope this can happen quickly now with so many votes. Please
Miranda, 1 year ago
Reminders would be wonderful. Would statisfy nearly all of my notejoy needs.
Mason, 1 year ago
That will be amazing/superb!
Daniëlle, 1 year ago
with recurring reminders, please!
Mia, 2 years ago
Interesting...Notejoy could be like a Todoist on steroid..
Puntorosso, 2 years ago
Would be great if reminders could be posted to a Slack channel or direct message in addition to sending an email from Notejoy.
Madhumita, 2 years ago
Due dates, subtasks and calander integration + GTD paradise. Suggest integrating with Remember the milk. They have automation of tasks licked. If you can sort project management and notes we're on to a winner combo!
Kimberley, 2 years ago
Connected with GTasks would be aces!
Jon, 2 years ago