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Feature Requests / Tasks: Automatically move checked items to bottom
Tasks: Automatically move checked items to bottom
Votes: Jason, Amy, K, Marc, Len, Michael, Tony, Eric, Michelle, Muhamad, damien, Juan, Ankit, Maurice, Alex, T, Ellane, Brennan, Eszter, Mike, Steve, e, Nick, Julia, Maritza, Joris, Paul, BMF, Denise, Funky, zbdrariI
TL;DR: Add a per note option for checked boxes to automatically move checkbox item (and children) to the bottom of the note. This would not trigger if there are remaining sub/children checkboxes unchecked.

Example: I have 40 checkboxes for my work today. As I slice them one by one, the ones that are left un-checked are starting to disappear in the sea of strikethrough-grey.

Note Settings: I imagine an appearing "Note Settings" to the right of the current "–" divider button. This could have additional settings for that single note. Such as "Font Family" for the current note.

Additionally, in NoteJoy settings you can set Global Defaults for these settings. Such as "Always automatically move checked box items to bottom of note.

Source: User Experience & Interface Exec for a large agency ;-)