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Feature Requests / Tags: Make tags in notes clickable
Tags: Make tags in notes clickable planned
Votes: Stowe, Eric, Pedro, Jovhannah, Len, Jordi, Jaume, Allen, Rob, Ellane, tony, Simon, Cameron, Metta, Kim, Tony, João, Tobi, A. J., Tom, Nick, Agung, Wayan Gedhe, Calvin, Elise, Ricardo, Clinton, Julia, Stewart, Ranjeeth, Christopher, Carol, Justas, Roderick, Hejay, Daniel, P, Anne, Jim, Petr, Armando, Ben, Ania, Stuart, Lavon, Michael, Arthur, Natasha, Gian Carlos, Gabrielle ...
When I click on a tag in a note title or body it should let me browse all notes with that tag.