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Tags launched
Votes: Andy, Elena, Nolboo, Anatoly, Eric, Danny, Chas, Jason, Philippe, Sidnei, Marty, Ranganath, Christine, Alyssa, Justin, Raj, Huey, Neeraj, Taba, Muhamad, a, Ricardo, Attila, Wes, Jan, Bei, Gyarmati, Adam, Rene, Y J, Mark, Nicolas, Connor, Chris, David, Rajesh, Palawin, Francis, Michael, Cathal, Мебели Вега, Jinu, Sajith, Michael, Jerome, Lou, Louis, Kevin, Thanasut, Doug ...
Allow me to organize my notes by applying tags to them.
This is really excellent - Notejoy is getting closer to a 100% replacement for Evernote for me. I really love the clean and responsive interface, it "gets out of the way" and doesn't feel so bloated like EV does.

Great job responding to your customers!
Brad, 2 years ago
Tags are now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
@Sachin - Fantastic that tags will be in the sidebar. Really refreshing to see the responsiveness to your customers!
Brad, 2 years ago
@Christy - Thanks for the feedback. We are now adding the ability to browse tags in the sidebar as well.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
What about a separate section for tags? Like on the sidebar?
Christy, 2 years ago
We're planning on adding tag support by allowing you to add #tags in note titles or note bodies and then allowing you to search by your #tags and only returning notes with the tag included in the title or body.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Please add this. It's really a necessity as more and more notes are added, and you want to search across notebooks/projects.
Also, tags are a standard feature in Evernote and OneNote so Notejoy should add this feature to be competitive.
Lastly, the hack mentioned above for creating our own tags (e.g. #project) doesn't really work because the search function doesn't follow standard search functionality to distinguish #project from project. EVEN IF I add in quotes (e.g. "#project") it still pulls up "project" in the search results. Every single other platform recognizes quotes to mean only that search term and the order of the phrase vs. general search results (even SharePoint recognizes this).
Please also add this to Notejoy's search functionality. Thanks.
Reuben, 2 years ago
Would love to have this - really will help retrieval. Would like to have "#tagx' to be interpreted by Notejoy to resolve to a tag, similar to other apps like Todoist, etc. Then a tag search will look only for those notes with the actual tag assigned, rather than all notes with that word in them. E.g., now searching on "#urgent" turns up all instances of the word "urgent" - would be more useful to find only those notes with a tag = "urgent".
Michael, 2 years ago
I'm trying to re-think my tag-centric approach to note organization. With a tool like Notejoy and really fast search, I have to think less about how to categorize my library contents and can just pull related content based on multiple search criteria. It's ultimately more powerful - though sometimes the organizational concept isn't explicit in the content, which leads to the need for a tag. Think articles about apples, oranges and bananas all being tagged with 'fruit'. The word fruit doesn't appear in the notes - just references to each individual type. A tag is a compliment to, rather than a replacement for content search.

The use of hashtags isn't really viable - especially for notes that are captured from external sources. Plus they are really very visually disturbing, and editing them over time is not realistic.
Brad, 2 years ago
being an everntoe user, this is a must, and should be UPvoted to the top, please prioritize this!
Gtin, 2 years ago
Defo for organising related notes
Kimberley, 2 years ago
Was just looking for this feature. It'd be extremely powerful. Thanks!
Chris, 2 years ago
its necessory
Muhammad, 2 years ago
Oh wow this seems like it would would be a quick marketing win. For now we can use self-defined tags within documents i.e. "#clevertagname" (can be anywhere, probably best right underneath title). Then you simply search for your tags in the search/sidebar from anywhere like normal.

Only "feature" it's missing is colorization/animation. (I'd much rather have H3 - H5 and markdown)
Deluxious, 2 years ago
Definitely a feature that I would use, if it was available ...
Chas, 2 years ago