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Tables planned
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Allow me to create & edit tables in a note.
Ability to resize columns, copy-paste table data support
Ranganath, 5 months ago
This is a must-have feature, any note taking app without it in incomplete
Zia ul, 4 months ago
must option in any app.
Muhammad, 4 months ago
It would be great if we could even create spreadsheets, or even databases (like Airtable or Notion). But I might be dreaming...
Alain, 4 months ago
Just simple table is essential!
Matt, 4 months ago
Yes, thought it was not too major till I copy and pasted a spread sheet.. omg.. to long to sort through and re layout.
Tim, 4 months ago
Spreadsheet capabilities, please! It would be so awesome to be able to do sums while doing something like collaborating on a budget.
Kay, 4 months ago
Oh dear... i bought notejoy to configure items on tables with a team.....
Caleb, 4 months ago
This is the reason we're going with something else. I'll keep watching for tables!
Jenna, 4 months ago
I agree - especially with wanting spreadsheet capabilities. That is a major differentiation with Google Drive and I use spreadsheets all the time with my teams/clients.
Joseph, 4 months ago
+1 for Airtable/Notion like capabilities with being able to link/make relationships between cells and tables.
End Alzheimer's, 4 months ago
+1 this a must
Ming, 4 months ago
anyone know when this will be available?
Allison, 4 months ago
Really need this right now! :-D
Emil, 4 months ago
+1 to this, this is strongly desired.
Nitant, 4 months ago
Ya, 4 months ago
Not really interested without this function
Joe, 3 months ago
Any implementation of tables would be very welcome. Either similar to JIRA or Confluence would be great!
Aschwin, 3 months ago
I can only agree, tables with copy/paste would really, really help!
Alban, 3 months ago
tables can copy and paste data from excel
Tina, 3 months ago
Can't wait for this one! Much needed.
Neeraj, 3 months ago
Lincoln, 3 months ago
Airtable Integration please
Lili, 2 months ago
it is not a big deal, only html table we need, many of us need simple table
Dogus, 2 months ago
A simple table function to paste our data into is enough... no fancy calculations needed.
Edin, 2 months ago
Needed sooooo bad.. Organization is all over the place without tables and I hate to even have my partners review the software as I know they are going to look for the same thing.
Daren, 2 months ago
Also agreed with airtable integration, let airtable do the calculations and shows up here. We use airtable as our CRM, this would be our data hub/ organizer for those clients
Daren, 2 months ago
I keep checking back for this. It's great to see that it's planned, but could you please provide some information on an estimated quarter for delivery? It's blocking team adoption for us. A lot of value will come from just simple table features to start.
James, 1 month ago
I've been waiting for this for a very long time. like basic excel or word tables. what's holding up?
Caleb, 1 month ago
I was just playing with and I am stunned by how great their spreadsheets/databases integrate with their notes. Just wishing it will be even better in NoteJoy :-)
Richard, 5 days ago