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Tables planned
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Allow me to create & edit tables in a note.
Please give us the feature. Been waiting for years.
Rovin, 6 days ago
This is a big one for me to transition over from Evernote. They don't have to be all singing and dancing, just rows and columns and maybe merging cells, much they same as you could do with html code. Will need this soon if I am to migrate to notejoy.
Steve, 6 days ago
This is essential for me. I organize nearly everything I do in tables, and when I was using OneNote, most of my Notes contained tables. Like some of the other people commenting, I didn't check that this was available in Notejoy--it's so basic I assumed it would be offered. Please add it soon!
Michael, 1 month ago
+1 for me, tables are really really needed !
Patrick, 2 months ago
Just joined and went to add a table ... now having buyer's remorse
Joshua, 3 months ago
+1 I format a lot of my Evernote notes with tables, and having this feature will bring closer parity.
Ben, 3 months ago
I have just signed up but will not stick around long without Evernote style tables coming SOON
Tony, 3 months ago
This seems to be the most requested feature... and I would love to see it as well. If you are using it to copy and paste a chunk of html, and it contains a table... The table gets destroyed... changing it from a beautifully formatted table, into a single chunk of words/sentences joined together without spaces.
Jeff, 3 months ago
Yep, this is a basic functionality expectation from any note app. Please add tables.
Matthew, 3 months ago
Been using Evernote for my team for years, but really frustrated with some issues and looking for alternative platform. Notejoy looks like a potentially PERFECT fit, but I can't believe there isn't tables functionality! This may be a deal breaker. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add this feature!
Steve, 4 months ago
It's been 2 years since someone made this suggestion. Come on Notejoy team!
Zeeshan, 4 months ago
Tables. Everyone's got em. Except us Notejoy users. Thinking about writing my own now.
Matthew, 4 months ago
you are better than evernote. Only those tables are missing a lot
Petr, 4 months ago
Yes, please. I've been an Evernote user for almost 15 years. Tried importing my notes to NoteJoy: tables "imported" but are a mess. Just text, and useless.

Need to see this before I make the jump.
Tegan, 4 months ago
Can't make the switch to notejoy unless there is table support. Soooo close!
Shaun, 5 months ago
Why is this feature taking so long? Been in the works for over 2 years
Rovin, 5 months ago
Same here... Tables is the only thing that is keeping me from gladly dropping Evernote.
Marty, 6 months ago
@Rishiraj - Our tables will be simpler without the ability to do formulas, etc. However, we plan on supporting embedding more sophisticated tables from third-party tools like Airtable.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin