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Allow me to create & edit tables in a note.
As an ages old Evernote user, I would love to switch to this product. It seems to have everything I need, except that I frequently copy/paste excel table sections into my notes. This currently doesn't work well at all in Notejoy.

I see table support mentioned as a coming feature and I look forward to that. I also notice the release frequency slowing. I hope you are still actively developing and we can see table support soon! I'm voting for this as the most important featured needed.

I also like to paste HTML tables (or parts thereof) from web pages. I can paste a screen snip with Notejoy, but then any embedded links aren't clickable. Pasting Excel and HTML tables are by big wants. Thanks.
Nick, 3 days ago
Like others, I'm looking forward to having support for tables so I'm glad it's on the roadmap for this year. Is there any update on when they'll be available?
Larry, 2 weeks ago
I don’t understand. Why would you make it into every other available corpo app with tables? What happened with "sharing ideas"? Why is sharing writings not enough? Why would you try doing whats already available when you are offering something that others don't - simplicity. I don’t know how old you are guys and I am guessing a gen before me from the pressure on adding features that are somewhere else already. The competition is so unecessary when you can offer something special. My generation and younger are dying for solid simple writing spaces with sharing options. Damn... I just started referring NoteJoy as a personal space for writing and sharing the crucial media and this now... tables... Already thinking of how will I use this feature as a writer... lol anywas good luck and looking forward to seeing how will this unfold. Be mindful about the steps into the future<3
Ania, 1 month ago
Thank you for the roadmap, looking forward to the upcoming releases for 2023
Christina, 1 month ago
How far off a feature release supporting tables are we?
Tim, 1 month ago
Need tables STAT.

Jo Colbert, 4 months ago
I would just add, if NoteJoys' plan is to introduce basic tables then maybe don't waste your time.
Most people that use tables will use them fairly extensively, I for one use them to structure ALL of my notes, it's the best tool possible for designing note templates and achieving a consistent format and layout, it keeps things neat and tidy.
The table functionality in Evernote should be considered a minimum. Adjusting cell width, height and merging of cells. Ability to format cells. Ability to add media content within the table, namely images.
Lee, 4 months ago
We are in 2023 - Is adding editable Tables that complicated?
Nenif, 4 months ago
Nice software. Too bad about no tables That's kind of deal breaker. Even primitive applications like My Notes Keeper have tables.
Rex, 4 months ago
I made a long list of all the things that were essential when it comes time to replace Evernote. Tables is the only thing Notejoy doesn't do presently. Really hope this comes soon, because Evernote is a train wreck and I can no longer keep working with it,
Ewen, 5 months ago
I'm happy to announce that Tables are part of our 2023 roadmap. Learn more about this year's roadmap here.
Sachin, 9 months ago admin
@Rishiraj - Our tables will be simpler without the ability to do formulas, etc. However, we plan on supporting embedding more sophisticated tables from third-party tools like Airtable.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin