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Tables planned
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Allow me to create & edit tables in a note.
+1 for me, tables are really really needed !
Patrick, 2 weeks ago
Just joined and went to add a table ... now having buyer's remorse
Joshua, 3 weeks ago
+1 I format a lot of my Evernote notes with tables, and having this feature will bring closer parity.
Ben, 3 weeks ago
I have just signed up but will not stick around long without Evernote style tables coming SOON
Tony, 3 weeks ago
This seems to be the most requested feature... and I would love to see it as well. If you are using it to copy and paste a chunk of html, and it contains a table... The table gets destroyed... changing it from a beautifully formatted table, into a single chunk of words/sentences joined together without spaces.
Jeff, 3 weeks ago
Yep, this is a basic functionality expectation from any note app. Please add tables.
Matthew, 1 month ago
Been using Evernote for my team for years, but really frustrated with some issues and looking for alternative platform. Notejoy looks like a potentially PERFECT fit, but I can't believe there isn't tables functionality! This may be a deal breaker. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add this feature!
Steve, 1 month ago
It's been 2 years since someone made this suggestion. Come on Notejoy team!
Zeeshan, 1 month ago
Tables. Everyone's got em. Except us Notejoy users. Thinking about writing my own now.
Matthew, 2 months ago
you are better than evernote. Only those tables are missing a lot
Petr, 2 months ago
Yes, please. I've been an Evernote user for almost 15 years. Tried importing my notes to NoteJoy: tables "imported" but are a mess. Just text, and useless.

Need to see this before I make the jump.
Tegan, 2 months ago
Can't make the switch to notejoy unless there is table support. Soooo close!
Shaun, 2 months ago
Why is this feature taking so long? Been in the works for over 2 years
Rovin, 3 months ago
Same here... Tables is the only thing that is keeping me from gladly dropping Evernote.
Marty, 3 months ago
Please hurry with this feature, it's the only thing keeping me from moving over from evernote!
Brian, 4 months ago
I would love to see this feature too. I having been bouncing around between Evernote, Notejoy and Nimbus, but stuck with Notejoy.
Joe, 4 months ago
I didn't even bother checking to see if Notejoy offered table support before subscribing. I assumed something so essentially would be there. My fault. Please get this added.

Tables are a basic and essential organizing tool for any type of note taking (whether on paper or electronic).

If Notejoy can't handle tables, I'll just need to take the subscription cost as a loss and return to Evernote.
Brad, 4 months ago
This is urgently needed as a basic feature.
Yann, 4 months ago
Absolutely required
Furio, 5 months ago
@Rishiraj - Our tables will be simpler without the ability to do formulas, etc. However, we plan on supporting embedding more sophisticated tables from third-party tools like Airtable.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin