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Tables planned
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Allow me to create & edit tables in a note.
I'm happy to announce that Tables are part of our 2023 roadmap. Learn more about this year's roadmap here.
Sachin, 2 months ago admin
new year new hope for tables??
Peter, 2 months ago
I think we all need to prepare ourselves for this feature to never be added. It's been promised for years, when directly asked for updates from the Notejoy team we receive silence.
Stewart, 4 months ago
It's not ok that I can only paste a copied table as a big long column of messed up data. When will proper table handling (copy, paste, create etc) be added? As others have said, this is a fairly basic req, long overdue in implementation. And I too would take out a sub if this were added.
Keith, 4 months ago
Looking for this.
Danny, 4 months ago
How hard is to add an option to create and edit tables? This one has been the top feature request for a long time now... You're losing clients here.
Paulo, 4 months ago
Once the 'table' feature is released I will convert from Evernote and pay for Notejoy subscription.
greg, 4 months ago
How about an update Sachin?
Jack, 5 months ago
@Rishiraj - Our tables will be simpler without the ability to do formulas, etc. However, we plan on supporting embedding more sophisticated tables from third-party tools like Airtable.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin