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Table of contents
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Auto-generate a table of contents at the top of a note based on the headers I've used.
+1 from me, both TOC and collapsible H1,H2 ... Hn sections.

For me, mostly for outlining
Kim, 6 days ago
+1 TOC in a sticky sidebar for quick navigation would be awesome!
Julius, 2 months ago
I was looking for the same thing and found this thread. Please add a table of contents to this software!
Alane, 1 year ago
May I also ask and beg for the same feature in favor here. A table of content please.
Tina, 1 year ago
Another idea is to put table of contents on the right sidebar and make it sticky like in bootstrap documentation ( - it works perfectly and would be super useful for notejoy with longer notes.
Łukasz, 1 year ago
I think this is a great suggestion!
Leo, 1 year ago
We are planning to use Notejoy for all of our present and upcoming projects. Notejoy is awesome so far, however, it would be more user friendly, if we could have the 'Table of Contents' feature available within Notejoy. Can you please check the feasibility to integrate this feature in next release?
Zaman, 2 years ago

(PNG – shortened a long-ass filename.)

I desperately beg... Pleeeease add Table of Contents.

We're switching from Google Docs to NoteJoy, but manually scrolling to find a section has made this process a nightmare :(

Here's how I see Table of Contents to function:

• Notejoy pulls all H1 headings and puts them as an ordered list.

• NoteJoy pulls all H2 headings and puts them beneath their parent h1.

• Automatically creates a 1-click link that skips to that heading.

• The Table of contents goes at the top.

• You MUST click re-generate (exactly like Google Docs ToC) in order to fetch the latest.. Sachin, this would make this functionality a LOT easier for you to program because I'd imagine automatically updating ToC is a nightmare. That's why re-generate triggers the script on-demand.

Anyway I'm a User Experience tech so this is how I envision it, but i'm not perfect and others will have better ideas :)

Also, collapsible sections = another amazing idea!! Another lifesaver. :-)
Jason, 2 years ago
Additionally having option to collapse and expand contents in sections h1 and h2, after hovering and clicking, like in Word would be super useful
Łukasz, 2 years ago
Muhammad, 2 years ago
Also, the ability to edit the TOC as this would be excellent for creating a hierarchy and to order relevance to our notes and documents.
Mark, 2 years ago