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Feature Requests / Start numbered list at a specific value
Start numbered list at a specific value
Votes: Philippe, Djalil, nick
Because there is no way to make line breaks inside a list point, we need a way to break numbered lists sequence and impose a value for this new start point.
In some other solutions this is performed by recognizing a beginning sequence like "4)" or "4-" or "4.".
Sorry meant to say "if I go to the end of line 2* (for instance)"
nick, 1 month ago
IF I create a numbered list in Microsoft Word
1. type something
2. type something
3. type something

If I go to line 3 for instance and hit enter twice. It'll create room for me to elaborate on #2 and the numbering will still continue at #3. I cannot do this in NoteJoy. If I add a couple lines in the numbering, NoteJoy will restart the numbering at #1.
Please add in the feature where the numbering will continue where it left off if you add in a couple lines in the middle of a numbered list. I would greatly appreciate this!
nick, 1 month ago