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Feature Requests / Sort order should be saved at notebook level, not global
Sort order should be saved at notebook level, not global launched
Votes: Yannick, Len, Amy, K, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Justin, Peter
I'd like the sort order to just affect the currently selected notebook instead of changing globally like it does now.

Background: Different kinds of notes work best with a different sort order. Examples: Meeting notes make the most sense sorted by date created, frequently updated content by last modified, a notebook containing mostly static reference content like manuals, a glossary, etc. works best when it is sorted alphabetically.

Right now every time I alternate between these types of notebooks I have to change the sort order back from what was selected earlier to have the notes display in the desired order. This leads to a lot of unnecessary clicks which could easily be avoided if the sort order would save with the notebook.
Totally agree with this. This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Yes, please!
Amy, 2 years ago