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Share notebook
Votes: Thomas, Amy, Saad, K, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Matteo, Erika, Ming, Justin, Gaurab, Len, Max, Muhamad, Peter, Daniel, Chenran, Bao, Nordine, Jack, Erik, Igor, Tony, Nalini, Emin, Mike, T, Ellane
Allow me to share an individual notebook with other people. Avoids having to have a whole library for sharing, rather than just sharing a notebook inside a library.
The collaboration needs to be reworked I guess ....If i share a note ( in a notebook), other notes in the notebook also gets shared :-(
Gaurab, 2 years ago
I couldn't believe this wasn't already a feature! I tried everything to find the method for sharing just a notebook. I've had to create libraries just for a single notebook in order to control access within a team. This is a major workflow flaw and a really poorly planned design.
Justin, 2 years ago
This a great feature to keep/allow us to organize at a project level; and share Notebook with relevant parties. rather than break them into multiple team library; just because we want to share them.
Ming, 2 years ago