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Share notebook
Votes: Thomas, Amy, Saad, K, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Matteo, Erika, Ming, Justin, Gaurab, Len, Max, Farchan, Peter, Daniel, Chenran, Bao, Nordine
Allow me to share an individual notebook with other people. Avoids having to have a whole library for sharing, rather than just sharing a notebook inside a library.
This a great feature to keep/allow us to organize at a project level; and share Notebook with relevant parties. rather than break them into multiple team library; just because we want to share them.
Ming, 1 year ago
I couldn't believe this wasn't already a feature! I tried everything to find the method for sharing just a notebook. I've had to create libraries just for a single notebook in order to control access within a team. This is a major workflow flaw and a really poorly planned design.
Justin, 1 year ago
The collaboration needs to be reworked I guess ....If i share a note ( in a notebook), other notes in the notebook also gets shared :-(
Gaurab, 1 year ago