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Feature Requests / Setting to format the date entered with keyboard shortcut
Setting to format the date entered with keyboard shortcut
Votes: Pratheep, Stewart, Ellane, Simon, Metta
Currently you can date to with keyboard shortcut (cmd + shift + D: on a Mac). This is a very convenient feature. The date is added in the Month/Day/Year format. However in many parts of the world it's common to use the Day/Month/Year format. So it'll be great be able to change the format of the date.
Command + shift + D is a handy shortcut, but I'd like to see either a different keyboard shortcut for the yyyy-mm-dd date format, or a toggle in Preferences to switch between the two. I'm in Australia and I find mm-dd-yyyy very confusing as at first glance 04-03-2021 looks to me like April 3rd, not March 4th. When the year comes first, it's obvious to everyone which is which. Putting the year first is a great habit to get into; it's also a good practice for naming files and having them auto sort into correct chronological order.
Ellane, 5 months ago