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Feature Requests / Search inside images & attached docs (OCR)
Search inside images & attached docs (OCR) launched
Votes: Karthik, Nolboo, Marty, Bei, Moe, Dennis, Tom, Palawin, Raj, Muhammad, Shorel, Jerome, Doug, Tracey, Andrew, Dennis, Tyler, Roberto, K, John, Len, Bernhard, SG Digital, Abby, Sajith, Amber, Eak, Ed, Miguel, Kevin, Rudy, Edin, Shane, Daniel, Remy, Marc, Russ, Mike, Paresh, Bluestone, Aaron, Bryan, Kay, Paul, Paphunkkorn, Chris, Phill, Brian, Saad, Stefan ...
Notejoy should index the contents of uploaded images and attached docs so that when I search, I'm searching not just text in Notejoy notes, but the contents of images and uploaded docs via OCR.
This is now live! You can learn all about it here.
Sachin, 5 years ago admin