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Feature Requests / Search inside images & attached docs (OCR)
Search inside images & attached docs (OCR) launched
Votes: Karthik, Nolboo, Marty, Bei, Moe, Dennis, Tom, Palawin, Raj, Muhammad, Shorel, Jerome, Doug, Tracey, Andrew, Dennis, Tyler, Roberto, K, John, Len, Bernhard, SG Digital, Abby, Sajith, Amber, Eak, Ed, Miguel, Kevin, Rudy, Edin, Shane, Daniel, Remy, Marc, Russ, Mike, Paresh, Bluestone, Aaron, Bryan, Kay, Paul, Paphunkkorn, Chris, Phill, Brian, Saad, Stefan ...
Notejoy should index the contents of uploaded images and attached docs so that when I search, I'm searching not just text in Notejoy notes, but the contents of images and uploaded docs via OCR.
This is now live! You can learn all about it here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Is it possible to know if this feature is planned? Because if not, unfortunately I'll ask a refund because this feature is why I use an app like Evernote... Thanks in advance for the information
Sébastien, 2 years ago
Absolutely needed, as both OneNote & Evernote include this and is essential for record-keeping purposes.
Pamela, 2 years ago
Same as Evernote feature which let's me find words and phrases located in attachments within notes (word, pdf, excel, powerpoint) but also within attached photo's thanks to OCR.

This is the main reason I'm still using Evernote as I scan each and every document I receive and send it to Evernote as my digital backup. So when I need to do taxes, I can just search for ' mortgage' and it will display me all the emails, letters, papers and everything I ever received anywhere regarding my mortgage.
Marc, 2 years ago