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Feature Requests / Tags: Search across multiple tags
Tags: Search across multiple tags launched
Votes: Bob, Ruby, Mohsen, Thomas, Tom, Stewart, Devin, Ellane
I need to be able to search by multiple tags.

E.g. narrow my notes by #ideas and #2018, so that not all ideas from all years show up in the list.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 months ago admin
Yes, please! This is why EN has been absolutely necessary for me over the last 7+ years.
Tom, 4 months ago
Yes, please add in the ability to use the AND operator. In addition, please allow us to click on multiple tags in the left column in addition to typing in the search box. As example, you can visit and play around with the filter column on the left side to narrow your searches. Thanks!
Devin, 5 months ago