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Feature Requests / Resizable sidebar
Resizable sidebar launched
Votes: Thomas, Jan, Paphunkkorn, Sajith, Neil, K, End Alzheimer's, Dominik, Adam, Len, Romeo, Michael, Kimberley, Jan K., Benjamin, Eric, Ellane, Rishi, Chris, Erik, Jon, Dea, Marty, Marco, Amy, Nordine, Ghaith, Jovhannah
Make it responsive so we can see more or less of the library texts.

(Maybe the posibility to have icons on the libraries so we can even resize the sidebar to "icon-only")
@Jon - Wanted to make sure you were aware of Focus View to show only the current note, which is great for presentations.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
This totally needs to have more upvotes.. I need to be able to at least shrink the bar to only show icons on the left, or ideally be able to hide it entirely.. Otherwise when I present in meetings my clients can see not only my other Clients names, but all their notebooks!!
Jon, 2 years ago
Yeeeeessssss please - both Sidebars actually.
Now, when I want to use half of the screen with the Notejoy, more than half of the apps area is used only by sidebars (which is annoying and makes it difficult to note anything)
Adam, 2 years ago