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Feature Requests / Quickly insert timestamp or date
Quickly insert timestamp or date
Votes: Lorgen Gerard, Shane, Amy, K, Len, Kimberley , Pradipta, Josef, John D
Sometimes I need to quickly add a date/time so I have an idea when a project has started, or when it is due. It's useful for my journals, tracking work progress, scheduling, others.. .

Possible implementation:
Hit Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+D > "Add current date" - "Add current time" - "Add current date/time" - "Add custom date/time"
Yes this is very important feature
Pradipta, 4 months ago
Great idea~!
Amy, 4 months ago
Would love to see the following format: 12/04/2018 1:23 pm
John D, 6 days ago
Any idea when this shortcut will be implemented?
John D, 18 hours ago