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Public note sharing planned
Votes: Paula, Alexei, Chetan, Ian, Pratheep, w, Chris, 123, Justin, Donald, Taba, Muhamad, a, Attila, Remco, Wes, Adam, Brian, Perth, Y J, Gyarmati, Tom, David, Connor, Chris, Rajesh, Мебели Вега, Kevin, Moe, John, A, Jerome, Kevin, Tracey, Robin, Andrew, Xichy, Timo, Madhumita, José, K, Len, Bluestone, Daniel, SG Digital, Paphunkkorn, Abby, Moshe, Sajith, Amber ...
Allow me to share a Notejoy note publicly by setting the note to public and getting a link I can share with anyone.
Totally agree. The ability to share public notes is critical.
Jeremy, 2 weeks ago
Related, I suggest that note owner be able to share a note URL, and the recipient can _view the note_ without needing to sign-up or login...
* Providing the note isn't password protected
* No need to set any sharing options, just copy-paste-send

You could do that on your webUI, with a third option= [view only]
Clinton, 1 month ago
how come this was never made... hoping for years this will be shipped.

up to now it's still in the planned stage. i was never able to migrate from notion to here.
Victoria, 4 months ago