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Public note sharing planned
Votes: Paula, Alexei, Chetan, Ian, Pratheep, w, Chris, 123, Justin, Donald, Taba, Muhamad, a, Attila, Remco, Wes, Adam, Brian, Perth, Y J, Gyarmati, Tom, David, Connor, Chris, Rajesh, Мебели Вега, Kevin, Moe, John, A, Jerome, Kevin, Tracey, Robin, Andrew, Xichy, Timo, Madhumita, José, K, Len, Bluestone, Daniel, SG Digital, Paphunkkorn, Abby, Moshe, Sajith, Amber ...
Allow me to share a Notejoy note publicly by setting the note to public and getting a link I can share with anyone.
Any update on this?
Raphaël, 2 months ago
Any update on this? Surprised it's not been completed in 2 years.
Ian, 6 months ago
Nat Eliason charges $25 for lifetime access to his constantly updating Evernote notebook on the books he's read. I'm seeing possibilities. Can you imagine creating a read-only Notejoy notebook that anyone can subscribe to, that gets updated anytime we feel like it? Now that'd be magic.
Ellane, 6 months ago
We need this.
Piotr, 7 months ago
any status?
Kernan, 8 months ago
David, 8 months ago
w/o this feature the use case of Notejoy is reduced dramatically. Urgently needed.
Juergen, 1 year ago
Why +1? May I +100000?
Lingxi, 1 year ago
Daniëlle, 1 year ago
Bei, 1 year ago
Yep like others here this is the feature I need most
Mark, 1 year ago
+1 Please
Thanasut, 1 year ago
if you don't have this, i can't use it : (
Iwan, 2 years ago
I hope that you incorporate this feature soon. I am doing some comparison between your platform and others, and the public sharing option is HUGE in my needs list.
Stitch, 2 years ago
Yes, please. Share link publicly without the need to sign-up.
Sebastian, 2 years ago
Any update on when this will be live?
David, 2 years ago
I REALLY need this feature. I don't want to bother people with making them sign up if they are just "reading". I am looking for ONE APP where I don't have to copy and paste everything that I put together to a million other places. I am too surprised that this wasn't automatically included, just like with Offline use and also encryption (although I bought stacked codes with Appsumo to include this.) Hoping this comes soon. It's the one thing that may cause me to return this deal, because I am still having to use other applications.
SARAI, 2 years ago
This is important as well.
Kernan, 2 years ago
+1! I was surprised that I don't see this feature.
Yuko, 2 years ago
Lincoln, 2 years ago
Yes please! The less friction we create for clients in regard to collaboration the better. Forcing them to jump through hoops to view something for approval/collaboration is a deal breaker.
John, 2 years ago
Yes please. This would make for a better UX with my clients.
Joseph, 2 years ago
Yes please :) the public view + read-only state would be extremely helpful!!! Without it, I cannot replace my other tool for notes. *fingers crossed*
Abby, 2 years ago
you will killed slite if you have this

i vote this
Wanandi, 2 years ago
+1 Crucially important as it's a waste having to export my notes on a specific area and then sending a PDF
Saumil, 2 years ago

With read only state without comments please
Marc, 2 years ago
Alain, 2 years ago
Muhammad, 2 years ago
Adding a password to a public note would be awesome too!
José, 2 years ago
+1 :)
Xichy, 2 years ago
Yes please!
Robin, 2 years ago
me too please enable public sharing!
A, 2 years ago
This is what I need most!!!
Мебели Вега, 2 years ago
... and allow setting the note to one of various statuses: read-only, editable, or comment-able.
Chris, 2 years ago
+1 for this!
Hope it's implemented in the near future
Muhamad, 2 years ago
I need this. Very versatile feature for quickly sharing note with anyone :)
Perth, 2 years ago
With no need for them to sign up for the a/c
Adam, 2 years ago