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Public note sharing planned
Votes: Paula, Alexei, Chetan, Ian, Pratheep, w, Chris, 123, Justin, Donald, Taba, Muhamad, a, Attila, Remco, Wes, Adam, Brian, Perth, Y J, Gyarmati, Tom, David, Connor, Chris, Rajesh, Мебели Вега, Kevin, Moe, John, A, Jerome, Kevin, Tracey, Robin, Andrew, Xichy, Timo, Madhumita, José, K, Len, Bluestone, Daniel, SG Digital, Paphunkkorn, Abby, Moshe, Sajith, Amber ...
Allow me to share a Notejoy note publicly by setting the note to public and getting a link I can share with anyone.
Please note that public sharing at the notebook/library level would be great for creating public wikis ~ and it would, I suspect, broaden NoteJoy's market considerably. ;-)
Metta, 3 months ago
Don't know if this should be a separate request, but I would like to share entire notebooks and libraries publicly.
Metta, 3 months ago
That would be great!
Alessandro, 4 months ago
Ability to add passwords would be great too.
Lorgen Gerard, 4 months ago
I'd love to see this as a way to simply "publish" a live note, with an option for people to subscribe to an automated email when it's changed or updated :)
Jon, 4 months ago
Following. Every other similar app has this function.
Puntorosso, 5 months ago