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Public note sharing planned
Votes: Paula, Alexei, Chetan, Ian, Pratheep, w, Chris, 123, Justin, Donald, Taba, Kak, a, Attila, Remco, Wes, Adam, Brian, Perth, Y J, Attila, Tom, David, Connor, Chris, Rajesh, Мебели Вега, Kevin, Moe, John, A, Jerome, Kevin, Tracey, Robin, Andrew, Xichy, Timo, Madhumita, José, K, Len, Trilok, Bluestone, Daniel, Martin, Paphunkkorn, Abby, Moshe, Sajith ...
Allow me to share a Notejoy note publicly by setting the note to public and getting a link I can share with anyone.
With no need for them to sign up for the a/c
Adam, 9 months ago
I need this. Very versatile feature for quickly sharing note with anyone :)
Perth, 9 months ago
+1 for this!
Hope it's implemented in the near future
Kak, 9 months ago
... and allow setting the note to one of various statuses: read-only, editable, or comment-able.
Chris, 9 months ago
This is what I need most!!!
Мебели Вега, 9 months ago
me too please enable public sharing!
A, 9 months ago
Yes please!
Robin, 9 months ago
+1 :)
Xichy, 9 months ago
Adding a password to a public note would be awesome too!
José, 9 months ago
Muhammad, 9 months ago
Alain, 9 months ago

With read only state without comments please
Marc, 9 months ago
+1 Crucially important as it's a waste having to export my notes on a specific area and then sending a PDF
Saumil, 8 months ago
you will killed slite if you have this

i vote this
Wanandi, 8 months ago
Yes please :) the public view + read-only state would be extremely helpful!!! Without it, I cannot replace my other tool for notes. *fingers crossed*
Abby, 8 months ago
Yes please. This would make for a better UX with my clients.
Joseph, 8 months ago
Yes please! The less friction we create for clients in regard to collaboration the better. Forcing them to jump through hoops to view something for approval/collaboration is a deal breaker.
John, 8 months ago
Lincoln, 8 months ago
+1! I was surprised that I don't see this feature.
Yuko, 8 months ago
This is important as well.
Kernan, 8 months ago
I REALLY need this feature. I don't want to bother people with making them sign up if they are just "reading". I am looking for ONE APP where I don't have to copy and paste everything that I put together to a million other places. I am too surprised that this wasn't automatically included, just like with Offline use and also encryption (although I bought stacked codes with Appsumo to include this.) Hoping this comes soon. It's the one thing that may cause me to return this deal, because I am still having to use other applications.
SARAI, 8 months ago
Any update on when this will be live?
David, 6 months ago
Yes, please. Share link publicly without the need to sign-up.
Sebastian, 5 months ago
I hope that you incorporate this feature soon. I am doing some comparison between your platform and others, and the public sharing option is HUGE in my needs list.
Stitch, 4 months ago
if you don't have this, i can't use it : (
Iwan, 2 months ago
+1 Please
Thanasut, 1 month ago
Yep like others here this is the feature I need most
Mark, 4 weeks ago
Bei, 1 week ago