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Native integrations with specific apps are great, but would be nice to be able to see a Public API and/or Webhooks as well.
For most of what I need, x-callbacks would be enough. Add note, would do it for me.
Kim, 6 days ago
I would love to have API access for NoteJoy!

I am building an internal app that adds checkbox'd lines of text to one of our notes. (Then Drag/Drop re-ordering for prioritization.) Super simple. It would be nice to add a feature to my app: As tasks are re-ordered they are reflected in NJ. (Basically the CEO re-orders tasks in priority order in the beginning of the day, then I complete them.

Sachin, is an API in the works? Now, I'm a newbie when it comes to advanced javascript/ajax, so Notejoy API would give me a good opportunity to learn :-)

Now given my VERY limited experience, this is how I imagine interacting on my server:

# Adds a line at the top
NoteJoy.noteID.addLine('top', 'checkbox', 'this is the text to add at the top');

# identify a line to modify. In this instance, a line with any format that matches text.
var targetLine = array( 'match', 'any', 'this is the text to look for' );

# Adds a line below the existing line identified above
NoteJoy.noteID.addLine( 'below', targetLine, 'checkbox', 'this is the line of text to add below target line – this will turn into a checkbox' );

# matches multiple lines and removes them.
NoteJoy.noteID.removeLine('match', 'any', {'look for a line of this text with any format and remove it', 'another line to remove'});

# full wipe!
# replace the note with the re-ordered lines
NoteJoy.noteID.addLines( someArrayWithLinesToAdd );

I dunno if this is even valid syntax LOL. But that's the kind of fun editing my script would use. (I think that might have been a conglomeration of Javascript and PHP. Meh.) Just having fun and giving ideas/feedback :-)

~ Jason
Jason, 2 years ago
I need this so I can create notes and add content to it from gitscrum app
K, 2 years ago
This could enable us to get notifications from other Apps, directly to a specific note!
Thomas, 2 years ago