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Feature Requests / Private note in a library
Private note in a library
Votes: Leise, Remco, Adam, Moe, Sajith, Kevin, Andrew, K, John, Marc, Alain, Indratno, Shane, Saad, Don, End Alzheimer's, Dominik, Silvia, Pamela, David, Muhammad Zain, Taylor, Chris, Asad, Joerg, Tony, A, Chris, Brian, Steven, Jeremy, Steve, Nordine, Reka, Anike, Amy, Nathan, Jack, Juan, Erik
If I want to share a note with just one person in a library, it doesn't look like I can do that. Seems all notes are open to everyone.
Yes please do that or at least introduce optional password protection for the particular note
Adam, 1 year ago
Password protection on individual notes would be VERY helpful
Pamela, 1 year ago
Yes, restricting note to some users in a library is a great addition.
Reka, 1 year ago