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Plutio integration
Votes: John, Sebastian, a, Nicolas, Thomas, Phill, Sajith, Tracey, John, Cathy, Stefano, Louis, Lou, Louis, Rasmus, Zac, Timo, Aly, K, John, Len, Laura, Joseph Hardy, Daniel, Tan, Paphunkkorn, Abby, Eak, Jerry, Vee, Rudy, Stefano, Taylor, Ilse, Mike, Andrea, Kay, A, Paul, SG Digital, Yannick, Jeff, Roderic, Richard, Victoria, Randy, Mike, Mike, Nathan, António ... is an awesome business management platform, which has features like Slack, Trello, Asana and file management like Google Drive is on the way. I feel an integration between Plutio and Notejoy would be a match made in heaven (also an AppSumo graduate, so you'll have a shared user base). Please make it so :-D