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Feature Requests / PDF annotations
PDF annotations
Votes: Matteo, Anthony, Cathal, K, Gary, Kimberley, Romeo, ii, Patrick, Richard, Au, Nordine, Puntorosso, Ghaith, Amy, Josh, Dennis, Jack, Yasmin E., Christian, J. B., T
It would be great to have the possibility to add notes, highlight content and more directly onto our shared PDF files - as I am used to in GoodReader, just to quote a very good app.
I agree with you guys, hope Notejoy's team will soon start working on it
Matteo, 2 years ago
agree. annotating images and pdfs would be ideal. right now pdfs opening in a new window with no annotations isnt useful
Cathal, 2 years ago
Agree with Matteo, this will help immensely with collaboration
Anthony, 2 years ago