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Feature Requests / Paste without formatting
Paste without formatting
Votes: Chris, K, End Alzheimer's, Shane, Marc, Taylor, Bernhard, Tony, Max, Dea, Raul, David, Kak, test, Saad, Nick
Allow me to paste into Notejoy while removing all formatting from the pasted in text. Typically support with a Cmd-Shift-v shortcut.
I would like this AND the ability to copy and paste OUT Of NoteJoy without Formatting.

ie. copy a note and have it paste into notepad, Outlook, etc. as plain Text and not formatted in any way.
David, 1 month ago
Please, this is one thing that is sorely missing. It makes it a real hassle to build up notes by copy/pasting content from a variety of sources.
Nick, 3 days ago