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Feature Requests / Password-protected notes
Password-protected notes launched
Votes: Steven, Neeraj, Adam, Brian, Tobias, Cathy, Dennis, Muhammad, A, Kevin, David, Chuck, Mark, Aly, K, Luis, Trilok, Sajith, Cathy, Jerry, Rudy, Muhammad, Taylor, Remy, Marc, Admin, Paresh, Aaron, Kay, Len, Paphunkkorn, Jovhannah, Muhamad, Piotr, Phill, AJ, Neel, Nathan, Saad, António, Anike, Pamela, Zaheer, Tyler, Don, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Ellane, Chintan, David ...
It would be great if I could password protect individual notes or notebooks such that I am required to type in the password each time I access that note or notebook as an extra security precaution for my most sensitive notes.
Please password protect notebooks.
Cathal, 4 months ago
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
In the office, I use Notejoy all the time, and it's open on my desktop all the time.
But there are portions of Notejoy that I want to be private.

Possible implementation:
RTCLICK Notebook >Lock/Private/Password
RTCLICK Note >Unlock/Open Sesame/Unhide


Thank you for an awesome app!
Lorgen Gerard, 2 years ago
We need this feature. OneNote has a way to encrypt a certain section and require a password after X minutes/hours away. This would be a nice feature to have, especially if the creator of the notebook/page can set the threshold. I use it on many OneNote files and it's one hesitation I have about moving everything to Notejoy.
William, 2 years ago
+1 Very Important for safety of important notes. I use several other apps that have this feature and if I want to use Notejoy as the main one it needs this type of security
Ed, 2 years ago
This combined with the white lable / custom domain option would give an entire new usecase for Notejoy, one which I would implement in a heartbeat and would be awesome for future clients !!
Marc, 2 years ago
+1 for this
Pamela, 2 years ago