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Feature Requests / OneNote importer
OneNote importer launched
Votes: Chinmaya, Pratheep, Justin, Remco, Jinu, David, Tyler, Roberto, K, Amber, David, Cathy, Eric, Mike, Nathan, Pamela, Jamie, Andrew, Chris, Amy, Nicolas, Neil, Rishiraj, David, Neil, Romeo, Kevin, Vivek, Romina, BILL, Tales, Victoria, Chenran, Brontee, Jeremy, Nordine, Mark, Oliver, Chander, D, Charlton, Brion, Marcin, Paul, Markus, Tony, Nalini, Dr. Steven, Manny, Furio ...
Allow me to import all my existing OneNote notes into Notejoy.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 3 months ago admin
Excellent news
Furio, 5 months ago
Assuming the importer is not ready I am willing to be a beta tester.
Manny, 5 months ago
Dr. Steven, 6 months ago
A OneNote importer is now in progress. Hope to release a beta soon.
Sachin, 6 months ago admin
We are prioritizing the Evernote importer currently, but don't have a timeline for the OneNote importer.
Sachin, 10 months ago admin
Any news on this ?
Paul, 11 months ago
Yes, please do so...
Brion, 1 year ago
Yes, yes, yes, please
Charlton, 1 year ago
yes, please!
Oliver, 1 year ago