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Note templates planned
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Allow me to create a note template for my team so they can easily create their own notes based on a template. It'd be great if Notejoy also provided a set of templates that are useful for a variety of common scenarios.
I'd like to create a notebook from a template note.
GEORGIOS, 1 year ago
Airtable has a bunch of starter templates which is quite helpful. Would love for Notejoy to offer something similar!
Dipti, 1 year ago
Evernote now has templates. Notejoy is much better so lets make it the best with the reusable templates
Edson, 2 years ago
Be sure to include a template for SOPs
Pamela, 2 years ago
TO DO LIST TEMPLATES!? Sign me up!!!!

We have 1 note for each Daily To Do List.
It's a pain re-formatting, cutting/pasting, re-adding checkboxes, etc.

A template would save sanity that I can use actually getting sh** done! ;-)
Jason, 2 years ago
while you are at it - folder and notebook templates would be awesome too
Anuschka, 2 years ago
its a good idea to add templates.
Muhammad, 2 years ago
Preferrably like Notion do it, they also have library templates for each employee type, like designer, manager, developer etc making onboarding so much easier.
Thomas, 2 years ago
This is what will convince me using this tool.
Мебели Вега, 2 years ago
Very good idea!
Peter, 2 years ago