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Note templates planned
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Allow me to create a note template for my team so they can easily create their own notes based on a template. It'd be great if Notejoy also provided a set of templates that are useful for a variety of common scenarios.
Very good idea!
Peter, 1 year ago
This is what will convince me using this tool.
Мебели Вега, 11 months ago
Preferrably like Notion do it, they also have library templates for each employee type, like designer, manager, developer etc making onboarding so much easier.
Thomas, 11 months ago
its a good idea to add templates.
Muhammad, 11 months ago
while you are at it - folder and notebook templates would be awesome too
Anuschka , 11 months ago
TO DO LIST TEMPLATES!? Sign me up!!!!

We have 1 note for each Daily To Do List.
It's a pain re-formatting, cutting/pasting, re-adding checkboxes, etc.

A template would save sanity that I can use actually getting sh** done! ;-)
Jason, 11 months ago
Be sure to include a template for SOPs
Pamela, 11 months ago
Evernote now has templates. Notejoy is much better so lets make it the best with the reusable templates
Edson, 9 months ago
Airtable has a bunch of starter templates which is quite helpful. Would love for Notejoy to offer something similar!
Dipti, 2 weeks ago