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Feature Requests / Move/change order of libraries
Move/change order of libraries launched
Votes: Adam, Moe, David, K, Miguel, Max
You may move Notebooks and Notes but can't change the order of the libraries atm.
@Miguel - I created a separate feature request for this and added your vote to it.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Doing it through settings definitely works! Thanks for that.
However, it would be much more user-friendly if you could move libraries in the same way you move Notebooks or Notes.
Is this the place to request that? or should I create a separate request?
Miguel, 2 years ago
Fantastic thank you Ada!
Adam, 2 years ago
Actually you currently can! If you head to Settings from the bottom left, you'll be able to see an area to manage your Libraries. This will allow you to re-order, rename, leave, or delete your team libraries.
Ada, 2 years ago admin