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Feature Requests / More typography controls
More typography controls
Votes: Kevin, Jerome, Tracey, Luis, Len, K, Sajith, Ruby, Fredy, Tim, Nelson, Paphunkkorn, Jovhanna, Shane, Saad, Marcel , Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Jamie, Tony, John, Peter, Max, Bluestone, Patrick, BILL, Mya, Lyn, Peter, Eric
It would be great to have more control over the text, including font face, size, color, and alignment.

I wouldn't think this would clutter the app up too much but I do love the minimal feel of your app...a lot better than Evernote, which crashes a lot and is a little bloated and not very user friendly.
I need subscript and superscript characters. Evernote has it. Please implement it here. Thanks.
Bob, 1 month ago