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Feature Requests / Mobile app: Create libraries & notebooks
Mobile app: Create libraries & notebooks launched
Votes: Bill, Karthik, Marty, Justin, Michael, Chris, Andrew, Wes, Cathy, Dennis, Tom, Connor, Francis, Greg, Phill, Мебели Вега, Muhammad, Joerg, Sajith, Michael, Zac, Rupert, Tyler, Chuck, K, John, Luis, Bernhard, shlomi, Miranda, Richard, Tonda, Rudy, Ian, Taylor, Remy, Marc, Len, Russ, Patrick, Paphunkkorn, Neil, Stephen, Thomas, Eric, António, Pavel, Joseph, Don, Romeo ...
I want to be able to create libraries and notebooks directly from mobile without having to first do so on the web or desktop.
This is now available! Details here.
Sachin, 5 years ago admin