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Mobile clipper
Votes: lorenzo, Kelly, Jose, Erik, Kimberley , Amanda, Tony, Joerg, BILL, Max, Thomas, Mia, Thomas, FocusQ, Lacey, Łukasz, Xi, Justin, Nolboo, Brad, Bernhard, Fatihah, Stefano, Louis, Sebastian, Rishiraj, Darryl, Max, Julio , Puntorosso, Alain, Richard , Shane, Dawid, Romeo, Roderick, Stephan, Megan, Eric, Labiad, Gaurab, Satish, Ellane, SARAI, Nathan, Shane, Juan, Robin, Ben, Chris ...
Notejoy's web clipper is great! Would love to see it added to iOS and Android as an action sheet item, allowing us to clip any web page directly to Notejoy from our mobile devices.
Yes, definitely a needed feature.
Edin, 10 months ago
This would be really helpful!!!
Kent, 10 months ago
Please add this feature as soon as possible. It is so hard to "share" any fb posts, websites, etc. worth noting into Notejoy because it is not an option. So the current copy-paste workaround is tedious.
Dea, 6 months ago