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Feature Requests / Windows app: Minimize to system tray
Windows app: Minimize to system tray
Votes: Pratheep, Taba, Adam, David, Ash, Roberto, K, Tonda, Matt, Nelson, Paphunkkorn, António, Don, End Alzheimer's, Kimberley, Joshua, Tony, Chenran, Dea, Matt, Amy, Chris, Juan, Chris, Chris, Hamman, Dave, Frederik, T, John, Naresh, Brennan, Glenn, Ben, Jon, Metta, Sean
If notejoy could minimize itself to system tray when we press close button, then we could quickly open it from the system tray when we need it.
Without the quick launch button I have to keep this pinned to the the windows taskbar. It is not the same as quick launch The big problem is that the app takes some time to load the notes list. I hope the system stray option will remove the time lag.
Pratheep, 4 months ago