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Mind mapping
Votes: Tim, Paphunkkorn, AJ, Shane, Stefan, António, Don, Romeo, Dominik, Adam, Ereika, Manuel, Len, Roberto, K, Muhammad Zain, Paul, Asad, Nish, Alexandro, Chelsea, Martin, Justin, Kevin, FocusQ, Abby, A, Rishiraj, Don, Fredy, Caleb, Gyarmati, Patrick, BILL, Brontee, Abhishek, David, Mya, Lacinda, Steven, Jeremy, Saad, Nicole, Neel, Marco, Andrew, Fabiano, Zac, Nordine, Joshua ...
A group mind mapping ability would allow for some amazing brain storming sessions with remote or local teams.
Would be Awesome!
Emin, 2 months ago
Mind mapping and flow charts features are great
with notes. Adding these features will help us to manage at a single platform.
Zaheer, 10 months ago
Yes please will be great to add
Hester, 1 year ago