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Markdown launched
Votes: Jared, Sylvain, Denis, Stowe, Adam, Hemal, Yeong Sheng, Daniel, Jason, Leonardo, Barry, Jose, Nolboo, Jenny, Ian, Robert, Pratheep, Peter, Mike, Roger, Shekhar, Chris, Rob, Deluxious, Jakub, Lukasz, Jacek, Marty, Roman, Ranganath, Nick, Justin, Donald, Neeraj, Karl, a, Perth, Tobias, Moe, Y J, Wes, Ron, David, Rajesh, Brian, Sajith, Ali, Jerome, Kevin, Joe ...
Enable support for markdown in the Notejoy editor.
Please please please
Peter, 2 years ago
+1 please
Roman, 2 years ago
We actually support a variety of markdown accelerators that might be useful to you now: Markdown accelerators.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
It'd be great if you could add a markdown accelerator for starting a code block when you type ```
Roman, 2 years ago
@Roman - We just added this, so you can now type ``` as a markdown accelerator to create a code block. Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Other markdown accelerators that would be helpful would include:

> - blockquote
# - header (or multiple for subheaders -e.g. ### for H3)
* - as a bullet list item option (in addition to dash)
Darryl, 2 years ago
Jerome, 2 years ago
Niko, 2 years ago
Markdown syntax support is now launched! Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Any chance you can add ==...== as Markdown syntax for highlighting? Just using the default colours - for other colours we can use the mouse.
Eric, 11 months ago