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Feature Requests / Manual sort of notes in a notebook
Manual sort of notes in a notebook
Votes: Amy, James, K, Andy, Chris, Romeo, Michael, Tony, Don, Max, Raul, David, Shahjada, Saad, Peter, Jiří, Nordine, Nathan, Palawin, Travis, Ilias, Tom, Ankit, Mike, Jack, Bei, Dian, Ken, ed, Ruth, Mike, Ellane, Henri, Marcus, Brennan, Metta, Silviu, Saurabh, e, Hamman, Craig, Wayan Gedhe, Paulo, Sebastian, Justin, Armando, Michael, Eric, Sujan, Funky ...
An ability to sort notes manually in a notebook.

I am using one of the notebooks for my lesson notes. To be able to manually sort the notes will be critical. Also would be great for content/story/book writing.

I tried numbering... but 10 comes before 2 using alphabetical sorting, so it doesn't work :|
Manually sorting would be the most awesome thing ever. I would also like Reverse Alphabetical so that I could use the numbers 01, 02,...10, 11 etc. and always have the highest number at the top
Laurie, 5 months ago
By the way, as a workaround, if you numbered it 02 and 10, then alphabetical sorting would work properly.
Sachin, 5 years ago admin