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Feature Requests / Manual sort of notes in a notebook
Manual sort of notes in a notebook
Votes: Amy, Catherine, K, Andy, Chris, Romeo, Michael, Tony, Don, Max, Raul, David, Shahjada, Saad, Peter, Jiří, Nordine, Nathan, Palawin, Travis
An ability to sort notes manually in a notebook.

I am using one of the notebooks for my lesson notes. To be able to manually sort the notes will be critical. Also would be great for content/story/book writing.

I tried numbering... but 10 comes before 2 using alphabetical sorting, so it doesn't work :|
Yes for this feature!!!
Andy, 1 year ago
By the way, as a workaround, if you numbered it 02 and 10, then alphabetical sorting would work properly.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin
Yes this is really important! The pinning feature is not enough. There are so many cases where keeping manual order of notes is necessary and have to use other apps until then. Thanks for considering!
Tony, 1 year ago
Yes. Similar to Google Keep.
Or even Todoist for tasks.
Click and drag up and down to order how you want.
David, 9 months ago