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Feature Requests / Keep it lightweight, like it is now
Keep it lightweight, like it is now
Votes: Pratheep, Sachin, Ketan, Roger, Chris, Muhamad, Wes, Tobias, Connor, David, Muhammad, Adam, Silvia, Chuck, K, Len, Sajith, Emily, Joco, Nalini, Remy, Alain, Moe, A, Matt, Hugues, Paphunkkorn, Stephen, Stefan, António, Les, Don, Kimberley, Yuko, Tim, Amy, Nish, James, Jan K., Steve, Jason, Michael, Zac, Saumil, Max, Brontee, David, David, Michael, Steven ...
Hi, while bringing new features please keep notejoy lightweight, like it is now. I use notepad for this but, it is tedious since notepad requires giving the document a name and save it. I used evernote and simplenote to avoid the issue but they are not light weight. Since notejoy is lightweight it gives the benefit of both notepad and evernote
@Sachin Thanks for keeping notejoy still lightweight. Love it
Pratheep, 5 days ago
Totally agree with this! The core, key, absolute reason I chose Notejoy is because of it's simplicity and focus. Bloating it with too many features is not a good idea. There are a bunch of them on the feature requests page that are trying to make Notejoy a one-rules-all type of app, I really hope the founders keep their original vision intact whenever deciding on what new feature to add
Hamman, 3 months ago
We're actually working on making it even faster as part of launching our upcoming offline feature :)
Sachin, 1 year ago admin
I love it's current lighweight load and start a note, please don't do anything to change it (for the worse, feel free to make it faster (if you can))
Cenay, 1 year ago
Most important feature of notepad. Keep it lightweight. Well done team for this great product.
Manos, 1 year ago
Agreed - keep lightweight.
But...can we go a little more lightweight and have a "test note" kind of note? Similar to Notepad.
Often I want to have actual text with no formatting.
I want to pate into a note with no formatting, and I want to copy and paste out of a note with no formatting.
Just regular text.
David, 2 years ago
I totally agree. The primary reason why I chose NoteJoy is due to its simplicity.

Like the OP said, I was using NotePad before. (I still have 40 un-organized NotePads left to add to NoteJoy!!!!)

Also I was using This is an ULTRA LIGHT-WEIGHT app. But it was the best ToDo list I've ever used until I discovered NoteJoy, which allowed me the easy design customization to add notes to tasks without cluttering the task itself.

Simply put, Keep NoteJoy Great Again! (hehe, just meaning that I love it how it is, and new features should be accessible on demand but not cluttering the note area.)

OH and the magnifying glass FOCUS (which removes everything but the note) is an AMAZING feature. Love it.

Thanks again Sachin + team!!! <3
Jason, 2 years ago
Alain, 2 years ago
Thanks for saying this Pratheep! We totally agree. We definitely want to maintain Notejoy's overall simplicity as we continue to extend it's capabilities.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin