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Keep it lightweight, like it is now
Votes: Pratheep, Sachin, Ketan, Roger, Chris, Muhamad, Wes, Christopher, Connor, David, Muhammad, Adam, Silvia, Chuck, K, Len, Sajith, Emily, Joco, Nalini, Remy, Alain, Moe, A, Matt, Hugues, Paphunkkorn, Stephen, Stefan, António, Les, Don, Kimberley, Yuko, Tim, Amy, Nish, James, Jan K., Steve, Jason, Michael, Zac, Saumil, Max, Brontee, David, David, Michael, Steven ...
Hi, while bringing new features please keep notejoy lightweight, like it is now. I use notepad for this but, it is tedious since notepad requires giving the document a name and save it. I used evernote and simplenote to avoid the issue but they are not light weight. Since notejoy is lightweight it gives the benefit of both notepad and evernote
We just launched a redesign of our UI, with the express intent of making Notejoy even more light-weight! Learn more about it here.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin
We're actually working on making it even faster as part of launching our upcoming offline feature :)
Sachin, 4 years ago admin
Thanks for saying this Pratheep! We totally agree. We definitely want to maintain Notejoy's overall simplicity as we continue to extend it's capabilities.
Sachin, 6 years ago admin