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Invite people via link/code
Votes: Rene, Karl, Jon, Jerome, Joe, Silvia, K, Luis, Trilok, Adam, James, Marc, Bluestone, Ale, Tim, AJ, Stephen, Brian, Nathan, Saad, Don, Tobias, End Alzheimer's, Amy, Ereika, Silvia, Alexander, SARAI, Fredy, Justin, Ed, Ellane, Michael, Max, BILL, Mya, Andrew, Muhamad, Esther, Chenran, test, Nordine, Travis, Miranda, Erik, Jack, Javier, Anthony, Raphaël, T ...
Invite collaborators/Users by sending out links with codes. When they sign up for Notejoy they will receive the libraries I shared with them (incl. the assigned role). Similar to domain sharing, however, this works across several domains and with unknown email adresses. So I could share a link in a facebook group without knowing all the email addresses.