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Feature Requests / Indent entire paragraph instead of first line
Indent entire paragraph instead of first line
Votes: Tim, K, Amy, Tony, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Toni, Oliver, Kay, mark, Michael, BILL, Saad, Nordine, Ellane, test, Brett, Greg, Ghaith, Orson, Len, Matt, Chris, Massimiliano, Cassie, T, Robert, Wanming, Steve, e, Brennan
The indent does not stay constant when you type to a new line, so long texts only get the first line indented.

This would help with overall page structuring and I think a quick fix.

Thank you~
Could be same as the Quote command, but without the vertical line on the left.
Orson, 1 month ago
Seems simple, sorry you have not done this yet. Evernote has it.
Orson, 1 month ago
Yes! With a keyboard shortcut.
Orson, 2 months ago
Agree, this should be a basic function.
Steve, 3 months ago