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Feature Requests / Indent entire paragraph instead of first line
Indent entire paragraph instead of first line
Votes: Tim, K, Amy, Tony, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Toni, Oliver, Kay, mark, Michael, BILL, Saad, Nordine, Ellane, test, Brett, Greg, Ghaith, Orson, Len, Matt, Chris, Massimiliano, Cassie, T
The indent does not stay constant when you type to a new line, so long texts only get the first line indented.

This would help with overall page structuring and I think a quick fix.

Thank you~
Agree this is important to have.
Orson, 1 year ago
This is CRITICAL. There's no way to sructure notes visibly without this feature.
Greg, 1 year ago
Other editors offer paragraph indents. This would be super useful!!!
Oliver, 2 years ago