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Gmail integration launched
Votes: Patrick, Matt, Adam, Walt, Daniel, Karan, Irshad, Florina, Eric, Jenny, Robert, Pratheep, Jakub, Daniel, Alyssa, Justin, Raj, Huey, Taba, Kak, a, Attila, Gyarmati, Adam, Andrew, Wes, David, Connor, David, Rajesh, Francis, Cathal, Мебели Вега, Muhammad, Kevin, Sajith, John, Christopher, Lou, Louis, Louis, Doug, Tracey, Andrew, Xichy, Charles, Mark, Aly, K, John ...
Allow me to convert an email thread into a Notejoy note with one-click right from Gmail.
It would be great if this could support Google Inbox also.

Or even better, allow me to email in to Notejoy notebooks using a specific email address for each notebook (see InQloud for a fantastic implementation of this for Evernote).
Andrew, 11 months ago
+1 for Gmail/Gsuite Integration!
Joshua, 11 months ago
it would be a great idea if you can add the gmail and personal email functionalty like Mailbird does. that will make the tool all in one.
Muhammad, 11 months ago
I must admit forwarding emails to Evernote using the specific address provided was one of the features of Evernote I used most often (Evernote has a sort of code you can add to the title of the forwarded email to send it to the proper notebook, and even add tags, but even simply sending emails to a specific "inbox" notebook in Notejoy would be awesome!).
Alain, 11 months ago
BTW, if you add the vote for adding notes through email, this feature gets over 100 votes.
Alain, 11 months ago
Any idea of when this will be ready? Gmail has that tasks list, which makes it easy to convert an email to a task, but I don't want to keep my task list there, I want to keep it in Notejoy.
Susie, 7 months ago
@Susie - We are thinking about tackling this soon. Would you mind sharing more about what you would ideally like to see?

We've been thinking about enabling the following:
-make it so you can easily convert an email thread in Gmail into a note in Notejoy
-when composing in Gmail, make it easy to either include a link to a Notejoy note or copy the content of a note into a Gmail compose window directly

When you mention using Notejoy as a task list in Gmail, I'm thinking you are looking to do one of two scenarios:
-browse and edit a specific note in the Gmail sidebar so you can manually add tasks to it
-automatically add the subject line of a specific email as a task list item in a specific note

Which scenarios are most interesting to you? Or are there others we haven't thought about that you are interested in?
Sachin, 7 months ago admin
Thanks for asking! I like this suggestion: "make it so you can easily convert an email thread in Gmail into a note in Notejoy". Basically, if I get an email asking me to do a multi-step project, I don't want to have to cut and paste the contents of the email into a Notejoy note. I want to be able to add a quick entry to a note ("Do X task by 11/20/18") and have it link to the original email. This way I can reference the details of the task quickly, and I can respond to the sender if I have questions, or when I'm done. Thanks!
Susie, 7 months ago
The Gmail integration is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 1 month ago admin