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Gmail integration launched
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Allow me to convert an email thread into a Notejoy note with one-click right from Gmail.
The Gmail integration is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 5 years ago admin
@Susie - We are thinking about tackling this soon. Would you mind sharing more about what you would ideally like to see?

We've been thinking about enabling the following:
-make it so you can easily convert an email thread in Gmail into a note in Notejoy
-when composing in Gmail, make it easy to either include a link to a Notejoy note or copy the content of a note into a Gmail compose window directly

When you mention using Notejoy as a task list in Gmail, I'm thinking you are looking to do one of two scenarios:
-browse and edit a specific note in the Gmail sidebar so you can manually add tasks to it
-automatically add the subject line of a specific email as a task list item in a specific note

Which scenarios are most interesting to you? Or are there others we haven't thought about that you are interested in?
Sachin, 5 years ago admin