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Flag for review highlight pins
Votes: Jason, BILL, Emil
What I propose (Summary):

"Place A Flag" or "Flag For Review". Tag people(s) + add a comment.
It notifies them there's something for review, with a quick comment. They click on the flag and skip to that note section. However this does not add to the comments list.

Detailed explanation:

Comments are nice, but they do "leave a mark". For example we have had one document going for months, and the comments are quite cluttered with temporal tasks.

It'd be nice place flags throughout documents. Then the person you Flagged can mark it as closed, which notifies the flag-placer.

Use cases:

Imagine an agency working on 2 dozen notes, and there are many updates per day. Right now all we can do is make a comment and mention the person. But that tends to get cluttered. This would be used in a scenario where a quick "Hey, does this section look good?" and another closes the flag and says something like, "Yep, good to go" or re-flags it saying "No, change the stuff I highlighted."