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Find and replace
Votes: Marc, Stefan, Saad, K, End Alzheimer's, Len, Andy, Richard, Kay, Justin, Palawin, Romeo, Jon, Thomas, Don, Max, Chris, Charles, Muhamad, Nordine, test, Angie, James, Jovhannah, Matt, Jan K., Michael, Amy, Amit, Aschwin, Matt, CJ, David, Anthony, Jack, Nalini, Robert, Stephen, James, Adrian, T
I would like to be able to have a ‘Find & Replace’ function for words and phrases (between “ ”) within all notes in a Notebook and all notes within a Library.
Adding my vote for find&replace within a single note. Would be a nice option to be able to F&R through all notes in a notebook, and all notes in a library.
Charles, 2 years ago
I agree with Jon... even more valuable to begin with Find&Replace w/in a single note for now... the magic of cross notebook/library is above and beyond.
Thomas, 2 years ago
Find and replace just within a single note would be very helpful.
Jon, 2 years ago