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Export note to Medium / Wordpress
Votes: Susan, abe, Bambang, Wes, Cathy, Connor, Kevin, Jerome, Rajesh, David, Andrew, Chuck, Roberto, Romeo, K, Luis, Trilok, Sajith, David, Ed, Edin, Daniel, Ale, Kay, Muhamad, Piotr, Saad, António, Vance, Alex, Ereika, Manuel, Tony, Eric, Asad, Kevin, Nish, Jan K., Amy, john, Louis, Michael, BILL, Chris, Mya, David, Huey, Brian, Steven, Roger ...
Allow to me to export a blog post I've written in Notejoy directly to Medium or Wordpress.
please make it possible to post it to wordpress. this will be the best feature. I'm getting this deal in appsumo hoping you guys will consider this in the future.
john, 2 years ago
I love this!!!
Bambang, 2 years ago