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Feature Requests / Export note to markdown
Export note to markdown planned
Votes: Yuko, Stowe, Michael, Marc, David, Ellane, Matt, Kazuyoshi, Chris, Chenran, Stephen, lorenzo, Ankur, Huey, Richard, Tina, K, Eric, Sondra, test, Kristofer, Daniëlle, Ghaith, Eric, Dragos, Mike, Mark, Travis, Andre, Joachim, NT, Thomas, Amit, Michael, Karen, Oliver, Dirk, Giff, Valentino, Aschwin, Ostap, Isaac, Andy, CJ, Nalini, Ross, Adam, Stephen, James, Daniel ...
I'd like to export the note with Markdown so that it can work smoothly with other writing apps such as Ulysses and Marked.
This is part of our 2023 roadmap. Learn more here.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin