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Feature Requests / Evernote importer: Import internal links
Evernote importer: Import internal links
Votes: Tegan, Gedhe
When EN files are imported into NoteJoy, internal links are dead. I'm referring to hyperlinks in an Evernote note, that will take you directly to another note.

An example is a table of contents, which would have links to all notes in a folder. After importing into NJ, those links are dead.

So, for example, in Nimbus those notes start as follow: evernote:///view/

In Notejoy they start with about:blank

So, Nimbus' approach indicates the internal link can be captured. If in addition to capturing it, perhaps a macro could just replace that beginning EN text with a few characters that link it to NJ.

The transition from EN is huge. I can't make the transition w/o it.