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:emoji: support
Votes: Jason, End Alzheimer's, K, Moe, Nish, Alexandro, Kimberley, Ankur, Richard, Shikha, Angie, Jovhannah, André, Travis, mark, dmtkot, Raul, Meaghan, Juan, Jack, Yasmin E., Benjamin, Rodolfo, Kim, e, Brennan, Wayan Gedhe, Julia, zbdrariI
... useful in many ways, not just winking!

Here's a List of emojis. There's likely some API or open-source library for integrating these. (I am not sure if they are licensed or something.)

I propose that NoteJoy integrates these emojis made famous by Slack, GitHub, etc. Our Agency uses them internally in Slack for quick visual emphasis.

Examples (just our uses, to get an idea how we would use them)

:fire: = drop everything and focus on this!

:checkbox: = task complete!

:exclamation: = this is important

:question: = I have an important question

:ninja: = we kicked ass on that project!

Here's an example of how the suggested Emoji pops up as you type. (They auto complete if you press enter or tab>)

Thanks NoteJoy, keep kicking ass! :ninja: