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Feature Requests / Email to create note
Email to create note launched
Votes: Aman, Justin, Raj, Michael, Adam, Mark, Muhammad, A, Joerg, Shorel, Michael, Christopher, Jerome, Andrew, Silvia, Tyler, Timo, Romeo, K, Luis, Miranda, Abby, Sajith, Cathy, Jerry, Rudy, Shane, Taylor, Ilse, Marc, Mike, Robert, Kay, Bernhard, Nelson, Neil, AJ, Neel, Mike, Mike, Tony, Stefan, António, Pamela, Zaheer, Pavel, Don, End Alzheimer's, Silvia, Yasaf ...
I’d like to be able to create notes simply by forwarding emails to a Notejoy email.
This is now available! Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
This is a much needed feature.
Sigy, 2 years ago
This would be a lifesaver for me.
Nalini, 2 years ago
I'd love that too
Alban, 2 years ago
Adding an “Email to create note” feature would be great. I’ve used this quite a bit with Evernote and it’s quite a time saver.
Neil, 2 years ago
It would be very useful. Even better if the email content could be transferred from email client direct to Notejoy, like many Evernote integrations in different email programs.
Puntorosso, 2 years ago
In my understanding, NoteJoy is aiming at users in a multiuser environment, i.e., small to medium sized companies or teams. In such an environment, gmail plays a rather small role. If I use it for my business, I need to have the ability to forward business emails (i.e., non-gmail, etc.) to NoteJoy.

Stefan, 2 years ago
You might be better to vote for "Gmail integration" which discusses something similar but is much higher on the votes list. Just saying... ;-)
Alain, 2 years ago
please add ability to email items into various folders. (similar to asana and evernote)

makes life so much easier and helps to streamline and cut out duplicative work. thanks
Kimaaya, 2 years ago